About The Artist

Jason Humphrey Artist Statement

​Jason Humphrey has been an artist since his earliest memories. Jason grew up in Los Angeles, and was an avid part of the graffiti scene during his teenage years in the colorful 80’s. After continuously getting in trouble, he took the advice of his mother and  joined the Navy at the age of 17.

Seeing the world at an early age would come to play a large part of Jason’s creative process. While serving in the Navy, he spent time in Desert Storm at sea for 9 months straight. The art world was put on hold for him, but the experiences of seeing countries like Japan, Hong Kong, and many others would leave indelible impressions and mental building blocks waiting to come out later.

After getting out, he took a basic drawing class to reconnect with his artistic side. Jason ended up being drawn to the medium of pen and ink pointillism, which is the process of making an image composed of thousands of tiny ink dots. Jason practiced this medium almost daily, creating image after image, and going from small pieces to considerably larger ones. After years of creating only black and white images entirely with dots, he began adding different color mediums. The addition of bright colors, juxtaposed with intricate dot detail gave his work an original voice. Always striving to take his work to the next level, he started adding different layers of paper to some of his pieces. The addition of collage has given his work layered depth that really compliments the intricate detail.

“I am very inspired by animals, and the strong traits they have. Everything I create has a spiritual meaning behind the art. Lions may represent strength, while a butterfly may represent new growth, or the idea that it's never too late to change. “

“My creative process starts with a vision, and is usually drawn out in a simple outline. I let the work create itself, by the moods, music, or feelings I am experiencing at the actual time of creating. My artwork is very intuitive, and I rarely have an idea of what the finished piece will look like.”